Group Profile

African Industries is a diverse group focused on development of steel industry in Nigeria using international technology and quality comparable to international standards in the manufacture of Iron rod, Angle, billets, wire rod, nails, BRC mesh and other steel profiles with over giving employment to around 8,000 local Nigerians directly and indirectly guided by a strong work force of trained managers who have decades of experience on steel industries abroad. The Group currently operates in eight different locations within Nigeria, and exports its products mainly to other West African nations.

Investments commenced with the reforms instituted to support industry in the early 2000s as democracy was established. In recent years, emphasis has been placed on the creation of internal governance structures to transition from a family operation to establish a professionally managed structure. Partnerships with leading global banks and international development finance institutions continue to support growth.

Today, the Group manufactures international grade steel, chemicals with an objective to help Nigeria in industrialization and self- reliant on steel sector. Integral to the manufacturing efforts are international certifications for quality and manufacturing processes. In addition, African Industries operates high capacity Gas generators wherever necessary to support its electricity needs, when there is interruption and shortfall from Disco.