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Wo We Are

African Industries Group

African Industries Group (AIG) is a diversified global conglomerate with a legacy of 53 years of business excellence and sustainable growth. It is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. It has been contributing to Nigeria’s socio-economic growth and industrial development and is equally committed to the nurturing and development of the local community.

AIG owes its success to the core philosophy of ‘Building the Future Together’. Its business strategy is inclusive, and sustainable, and not only benefits stakeholders but also positively impacts the environment and society.

It has been predominantly a manufacturing company, with operational excellence benchmarked to global standards. The group has around 35 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and facilities located in various locations across Nigeria, creating employment opportunities. Its investment and expansion in manufacturing with the latest functional technology provide long-term employment to thousands of Nigerians, for people from across the globe. It also creates ancillary employment for many more.

With over five decades of responsible business practices, the Group has evolved into a driving force in various sectors like Iron and steel manufacturing, power generation, agricultural products, steel processing, building materials, plywood and allied products, logistics and shipping, lead products, cans manufacturing, refractories products, industrial glass, other construction materials, and more recently, mining and steel processing, renewable energy, and aluminum products.


To be a globally recognized conglomerate creating sustainable value for all its stakeholders



  • Passion for Quality
  • Operational Excellence
  • Work ethics with integrity
  • Enhance Customer Value
  • Respect for the Individual

Facts At A Glance

African industries group has accomplished so many things in the last 52 years. Some key highlights include:


Years of Operation


Manufacturing Plants in Nigeria


Business Verticals

10 k+



Continents of customer base

$ 2 Bn+

Investments in 20 years

In Nigeria, AIG is

At the heart of the manufacturing and services industries, renowned as a pioneer and market leader across various industrial verticals.

Awards and Certificates

African Industries Group has been felicitated with various awards and accolades over the years broadly in the categories of Business, quality, CSR, and Human Resources.

Global Presence

Exports to various Countries across North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia.