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Our Business Sectors

African Industries Group is a leading supplier and manufacturer of quality chemical products and Industrial gas in the West African region. It has state-of-the-art production facilities and a varied product portfolio catering to diverse industries

Key Figures

African Industries Group has one of the largest combined production capacity in Nigeria for various types of Chemicals.

36 K

Metric Tonnes per annum – Overall manufacturing capacity of Sulphuric Acid

50 K

Metric Tonnes per annum – Overall manufacturing capacity of Aluminium Sulphate/Alum

24 K

Metric Tonnes per annum – Overall manufacturing capacity of Sodium Silicate

Business Highlights

African Industries Group produces the best quality Portfolio of chemical products catering to multiple industries.

  • State of the art Double Conversion & Double Absorption (DCDA) process is used to produce Sulphuric Acid
  • Our Sulphuric acid is used mainly by battery companies, fertilizers, steel industry and industrial catalyst to facilitate chemical reactions
  • Liquid and solid sodium silicate produced at AIG is used by soaps and detergents manufacturers, Tiles, Mining, and steel industries
  • Caustic Soda liquid is packaged in ultra-secure 250 Kg plastic drums and delivered by our dedicated tanker fleet to the customers storage facility
  • Our best quality caustic soda is used across industries like glass, paints, cosmetics, and ceramics, Paper, pulp, and cellulose production
  • ALUM manufactured by AIG is the most efficient and effective purification agent for drinking and wastewater. It is also used in the Paper Industry for purification and paper sizing


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