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Agricultural Products

Wo We Are

About Agricultural Products

The group has been involved in trading and exporting of agricultural products like Cashew nets, Sesame, Ginger & Cocoa to India, China, Turkey, Vietnam and all major trading nations in the world. Subsequently a fully automated sesame processing plant equipped with best-in-class machinery was setup. We produce the best quality cleaned and hulled sesame seeds of different varieties. The type of products include.

Premium Color Sorted Sesame SeedsAqua Hulled Sesame SeedsAqua Hulled Sesame Seeds Mechanical Hulled Sesame Seeds
Minimum Purity99.95%99.98%99.98%
Moisture6% max4% max4% max
StandardsEu standardsEu standardsEu standards
Oil content50%55%55%
FFA1% max1% max1% max
Product QualityProduct free from microbial contamination and pesticide residueProduct free from microbial contamination and pesticide residueProduct free from microbial contamination and pesticide residue Environment friendly Processing - Minimum water used
AromaWith natural aroma

Why AIG Agricultural Products

The fully automated processing plant functions through a rigorous implementation of Standard Operating Procedures with the aim to produce the best quality hulled sesame seeds.

Quality Products

Process and export premium quality agricultural products, which conform to European Standards. An independent quality team assesses the material at every stage and certifies it.

Standard screening

We conduct various tests in our state-of-the art in-house laboratory. For detailed analysis of pesticide residue, raw material samples sent to a top European Laboratory before processing.

Automated processes

Wet hulling technique for hulling normal sesame seeds and double sorting process used for premium sorted sesame seeds.