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Wo We Are

About Fisheries

The group made its foray into fish farming as well. The economics of high demand and consumption of fish prompted this venture. The group is involved in Catfish farming, which is one of the fastest-growing areas of animal food production in Nigeria. It has setup exclusive fish units for catfish farming. The group is also involved in trading of frozen fish. It has setup a state-of-the-art storage facility with well-equipped cold room and Industrial freezers where frozen fish are preserved for market distribution.

Why AIG Fisheries

We ensure that we use standard operating procedures to get optimum output both in live fish farming and frozen fish as well.


Personalized care with regular replenishment of water and feeding of nutritious food.

State of the art facility

Standard industrial freezers and cold rooms to manage frozen fish at  a commercial scale.

Exclusive units

With 400 + cubic meter of inhouse capacity, the demand for catfish can be easily met.