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Shipping and forwarding solutions

Wo We Are

About Shipping and forwarding solutions

We are one of Nigeria’s leading shipping and freight forwarding company, providing flexible freight forwarding services and customized logistics solution to our customers in both imports and exports, by utilizing our extensive network.

We have gained a wealth of experience in customs processing and Shipping/Terminals operations.  We are committed to ensure safe, fast, cost-effective clearance and smooth delivery of the cargo. We act as Ship agent at all major sea ports of Nigeria for export and import vessels for our customers. We facilitate Vessel chartering services to our customer in accordance to your need.

Why AIG Shipping and forwarding solutions

We are at the forefront of developing innovative supply chain solutions. We provide pro-active solutions for managing logistics, which are highly time bound and cost-effective for transporting shipment.


Process and services for receiving, storage, forwarding, packing, unpacking and crating by air or ocean shipment. We provide commercial packing, unpacking, and crating services to help you move your valuable assets securely with ease. By utilizing our extensive network of professional agents, we facilitate safe delivery of your freight.


Hassle-free clearance service for paperwork, collection of consignment, all types of customs documentation and final no delay delivery. We have presence at all major sea ports of Nigeria and offer flexible freight forwarding services and customized logistics solutions for both import and export.

Cost efficient

Solution provided with reasonable charges for the entire forwarding process including storage services. In the Global trade, we offer competitive freight and logistics services. Whether it is a complete shipping solution or logistics services for one part of the journey, we provide a solution that fits all needs and budget. With our accurate inventory management solutions in place, we manage inventory at minimal holding cost.