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Galvanization and Fabrication

Wo We Are

About Galvanization and Fabrication

African Industries Group has established a state-of-the-art Fabrication and Hot Dip Galvanizing facility in Nigeria. We manufacture the entire range of Transmission Line Towers, Substation Structures, Telecom/Mobile Phone Towers, Solar Module Mounting Structures and Railway Structures as part of our fabrication and Hot-Dip Galvanizing services.

We carry out hot-dip galvanizing of structural steels used in transmission lines, sub-station structures, microwave towers, solar panel structures, lighting pole, high masts, billboard structures and other special structures. The kettle dimension is 9.5 m by 1m by 2m.

We are the only Integrated Towers Manufacturing Company in Nigeria, that has an in-house facility to produce Galvanized Angles, Pipes, Tubes, MS Strip, Roll Forming Machines, Tower Fabrication and Hot Dip Galvanizing facilities under one roof.

Our product and service offerings

Why AIG Galvanization and Fabrication

Our fabrication and Hot-Dip Galvanizing services are carried out as per IS BS and ASTM standards.

State-of-the-art Hot Dip Galvanization plant

Equipped with most modern features like an encapsulated room for pre-treatment facility, minimizing fumes escape to the environment, thus ensuring zero pollution. Filtration and cleaning system as per environmental and safety regulations.

Production capacity of the plant

36,000 tons per annum. We can handle almost all structures that require galvanizing. Longer lengths can be treated using a doubledip procedure.

Transmission Line Towers and Substation Structures

Built from client-provided drawings or designed and detailed by us. The materials used as per client requirements.

  • Designing and manufacturing of steel structures.
  • Fabricated and proto assembly test.
  • Steel fasteners of any grade for structures.
  • Galvanized or painted structures.