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Wo We Are

About Lead

The group is the largest manufacturer and exporter of high purity refined lead in Nigeria. We have an annual production capacity of 26,000 metric tonnes. We manufacture Lead Ingots from recycled battery. We conduct product assessment across the different stages of the  lead manufacturing process. The final product passes through quality checks to make sure no impurities are present.

Our highly trained engineers monitor the entire manufacturing process  to ensure that the lead produced is durable and flawless. As a market leader in the supply of refined lead, we constantly work towards catering to the varied and specific requirements of our customers in an effective and economical manner.

Why AIG Lead

African Industries Group produces high purity lead in different sizes, which is preferred by customers across the globe.

We produce high purity refined lead of different sizes from standard ingots of 25 kg to jumbo ingots of 1 tonne each

We are global exporter supplying refined lead to USA, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, and India