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Tigert TMT

Wo We Are

About Tiger TMT

We can proudly say that in Nigeria Tiger TMT is synonymous with best Iron Rods. Tiger TMT is The Most Trusted brand of TMT rods in Nigeria. The group is also proud to be the first in Nigeria to start production of TMT Iron rods using Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) produced in its facility from its own mined Iron Ore in Gujeni, Nigeria.

TIGER TMT iron rods have now become a benchmark for quality TMT rods and are an integral part of  quality construction materials. These iron rods are produced through fully automated thermo-mechanical treatment and the latest 3D laser technology which make them bond perfectly with concrete and cement. This gives unmatchable strength and perfect ductility to the buildings and structures, enable them to withstand earthquakes, resist corrosion and moist conditions, thereby making them defect-free and long-lasting.

Why Tiger TMT

TIGER TMT iron rods are the best iron rods suited for all kinds building and construction activities. Its unique features make Tiger TMT resistant to rust and corrosion, thus improving the lifespan of structures.

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