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Substation & Transmission Lines

Wo We Are

About Substation & Transmission Lines

We can handle various project activities including erection, testing & commissioning of switchgears & transformers of sub-station. We successfully completed project of 132/33 /11KV sub-station, 132 double circuit transmission line and 33 KV distribution feeder. Our plant generates 115 MW power at 132 KV for exporting & importing  power from national grid.  To connect a 132 KV line to our substation, we erected 132 KV towers and completed double circuit line with ACSR 150 mm² conductor.

Why AIG Substation & Transmission Lines

We have good experience in substation installation and maintenance and are also equipped with power quality monitoring equipment.

Ontime and optimum maintenance of 132/33/11 KV transmission lines and distribution feeders

Experience of having installed more than 20 transformers at substations for power evacuation  with a capacity upto 400 MVA

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