Managing Director's Message

In the years since 1971 we have witnessed a growth in our business that mirrors the rapid expansion of the Nigerian economy. Characteristic of such rapid growth is a fair degree of volatility. African Industries has participated in the success of the country by creating a sustainable business which has evolved along the structure of the economy.

While maintaining our core businesses, we continue to adapt by investing in growth sectors of the economy. Our product range is expanding: we now produce steel, industrial chemicals, power, plywood, glass, building materials, agricultural goods and more. Aligning ourselves with the needs of the nation, we have increased local production of goods that have historically been imported and now have an array of products that we can export. Our relentless focus on maintaining international quality standards has been a key success factor. A consequence of this has also been a dramatic savings of foreign exchange for the nation.

The sustainability of our businesses is incumbent on the support of our stakeholders: our employees, customers, and our host communities. As such we are committed to providing employment, instituting training programs and investing in infrastructure in the communities.

We are grateful to our stakeholders and, with their continued support and trust, we are committed to ensuring mutual success for years to come.

Yours sincerely,
Alok Gupta